The calories you consume in a Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza boggles my mind

Cheddar cheese

The cheesy taste and the smooth consistency of cheddar cheese will make you get mad over it.

However, do you know how unhealthy cheddar cheese is for your body? See for yourself.

100 Grams of Cheddar cheese is packed with 402 calories! And this is not it. 

Per 100 Grams of Cheddar cheese has 33 grams of extremely unhealthy fats.

And oh, hold on. We’re yet to consider the crust part of the pizza. So, let’s see how it is going to astonish us! 

Cheddar cheese = 402 calories.

Have you considered taking mac ‘n cheese off your menu, yet? Well, let’s at least count all the calories before you do that. 

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