The calories you consume in a Mac ‘N Cheese Pizza boggles my mind

How to burn these unnecessary calories? 

Let me astonish you a little bit more with some astounding metrics.

Can you make some assumptions? How many calories could you burn while running, jogging and planking? 

Let’s Count!

To burn 500 calories, a person would run for 30 minutes at 8 miles per hour.

To burn the same 500 units of calories, a person would jog for 50 minutes at 5 miles per hour.

“Oh, Planking is amazing for burning calories! Isn’t it?”

Yeah, it’s very amazing. You’ll burn 2 to 5 calories every minute while planking. Isn’t it easy? 

Let’s quickly sum up these metrics.

To burn the calories gained by a single mac and cheese pizza, you would need to run for 60 mins (at least), jog for 1:40 minutes (extremely easy, isn’t it?) and do planks for a minimum 3 hours. Sounds frightening, eh? It should be.

The next time you eat a mac and cheese pizza, get ready for a heavy workout! 

Ain’t you planning to drop mac and cheese pizza from your eating list?

So, how about having a Cheeseburger for dinner? Let’s see how much calorie has this one got!

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