Slim Jim beef jerky meat sticks

Can A Slim Jim Go Bad? Explained

Slim Jim products typically have a shelf life of around 1 year from the date of manufacture. But even if your pack has passed its expiration date, you can still consume your Slim Jim for a few more months if it has not been opened yet.

Dr Pepper for dogs

Can Dogs Drink Dr Pepper? Explained

Dogs should not drink Dr Pepper for the possible health risks posed by the caffeinated beverage. The presence of high amounts of sugar and preservatives also makes the item highly incompatible with their bodily systems. 

can you eat raw pasta

Is It Safe To Eat Raw Pasta?

Raw pasta rarely causes any fatal health complications. In that sense, it is extremely safe to eat raw pasta. However, it is not healthy to be consumed like that. It mainly depends on the amount of pasta you consume, and how often you consume it.