Can You Eat Gummies With Braces?


Colorful, flavorful, and attractive – that is why we all love gummies!

These chewy candies and jellies come in many types, like – bears, rings, worms, vitamins, and red frogs. Several leading brands such as Disney, Kellogg’s, Hershey’s, and Haribo are engaged in the manufacture of gummies.

Well, but can you eat these tasty confectionaries when you have braces on your teeth? Do you have to completely give them up or are there workarounds? Let’s find out.

What are gummies made of?

Gummies mostly contain gelatin, corn syrup, sucrose, and starch besides coloring and flavoring agents.

Gelatin – the chief ingredient, is a colorless and tasteless substance made from cartilage and the skin of animals. It is this ingredient that gives the candy its chewy texture. Some manufacturers use starch or pectin instead of gelatin.

Do gummies damage braces?

While you wait for the orthodontic treatment to give you the perfect smile, you could also crave your favorite gummies. However, are gummies safe for braces?

Gummies are sticky stuff. They stick to your teeth and braces. They can cause your braces to loosen or break. The pressure from chewing on the sticky candy can break the brackets. Or, when you are trying to pull a piece that is stuck to your tooth or braces, you may end up damaging the hook or the wire.

Gummies can not only ruin your braces but also affect the health of your teeth. This is because, with braces, it would be difficult to clean all parts of your teeth effectively. Therefore, uncleaned and undigested particles of the gummies remain in the crevices of your teeth and braces – leading to poor oral hygiene, gum diseases, stains on the teeth, and tooth decay.

What type of gummies can be eaten with braces?

Soft gummies are less chewy. You could pick the ones with chocolate or the gummy bears that easily melt upon sucking.

Let’s check if you can eat these gummies with your braces on.


Haribo candies are mostly made of gelatin, which is extremely chewy. However, the company has both soft and hard varieties. With braces, you can have the soft ones – but in moderation.


Pizzas can turn gummy if they aren’t properly baked or if the cheese is not of good quality. So, avoid eating these. Go for a well-baked pizza with vegetable toppings to reduce stress on your braces. If you are grabbing the gummy pizza – a sweet confectionery that looks like the pizza – then you could be inviting trouble at your next visit with the orthodontist.


The gummy donuts are relatively soft and could be enjoyed occasionally while you are wearing braces.


Oreos are used in various types of gummies for flavoring. They are slightly chewy but melt easily in the mouth. Yes, you can have these chocolaty chips with your braces!


These are gummies that are shaped like worms and animals. They are extremely sticky and sugary – therefore a strict no-no for your braces.


Jellies are made either with gelatin or pectin. The ones that use gelatin are chewier and stick to your teeth and braces. So, check the ingredients and choose the softer jellies if you feel like eating them during your orthodontic treatment.

How to eat gummies with braces?

Giving up the sweet treats completely during the extended period with braces could be difficult, especially for children. So, here are a few tips to overcome your cravings for gummies without causing damage to your braces or teeth.

Tip 1: Choose softer gummies that contain less amount of gelatin.

Tip 2: Do not chew the gummy, instead suck on it. When you cannot suck on it any longer, just spit it out.

Tip 3: With your mouth wide open, place the gummy right below your molar and chew gently. If it starts to get sticky, immediately spit it out and rinse your mouth well.

How to clean braces if gummies get stuck to them?

While you enjoy your favorite gummies with braces, also remember to clean them diligently. It is quite possible that despite taking precautions, bits of the gummy could remain in the crevices of braces and the teeth. Therefore, clean your braces in these ways each time after eating the gummy.

  • Brush the braces and teeth with the orthodontic toothbrush.
  • Clean the crevices with dental floss or thread.
  • If required, gargle with water or mouthwash.
  • If pieces of gummies are still stuck to the braces, use a toothpick gently to remove them.