Adding Sugar to Dill Pickles – Why It May Be A Bad Thing

Dill pickles

When you have a jar of dill pickles, you’ll often see an added ingredient, like sugar or spices, to add flavor to your pickles! But you might be wondering, can I add sugar to dill pickle? Whether it’s white or brown sugar, adding sugar to the dill pickle can change the overall flavor of your pickles! Read on to learn more about whether or not you can add sugar to dill pickles and how it will change the taste of your food.

Can sugar be added to pickles?

The role of sugar in pickling is debatable. Some people argue that it makes the pickles crispier, while others insist that it can cause your dill or garlic cloves to mould. If you want to add sugar, try using it sparingly and ensure that the container is sealed tight. One tablespoon of sugar for a pint jar should be sufficient.

The kinds of sugar are also important. Brown sugar can give your pickles an entirely different flavor than white sugar. So if you want to experiment with adding sugar, try using brown sugar first before moving on to other varieties.

The purpose of vinegar in pickling isn’t just as a preservative but also as a flavor enhancer. Vinegar contains acetic acid, which acts like salt by drawing out the natural water-soluble flavors from vegetables and fruits, such as their sweetness. When the vegetables soak in vinegar, they soak up these flavors.

Should I put sugar in my dill pickle?

You can always add sugar to your dill pickle, but if you want a less sugary version, try adding less or not at all. 

There are many ways to include pickles in your diet while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It’s just about being aware of what you’re doing and balancing your eating throughout the day.

Is dill pickle healthy?

Yes, sweet pickles are good for you. The sugar in the pickles is natural sugar pickled from fruits and vegetables. 

Dill pickle for kidney health? 

The research is inconclusive. However, adding sugar might be helpful because it increases sodium levels (another kidney-healthy component). 

Pickle juice for liver health? 

You can use pickle juice to increase the sodium content of foods with high potassium (such as bananas), which is another way to protect against heart disease.

Blood Pressure

Blood pressure the salty brine that pickles are preserved in can help keep you healthy by lowering your blood pressure when used as part of a diet low in salt. If your goal is to lower salt intake, other ways exist without sacrificing flavor. 

Pickles can lower it. And while people often believe that eating too many pickles will lead to higher sodium levels, this isn’t the case. 

How do you sweeten sour pickles?

Your homemade pickles are bitter because you didn’t add any sugar. Since pickles have an acidic and salty taste, adding sugar helps balance the flavor and makes them sweeter. All you need is a teaspoon of sugar for each jar of dill pickles. Stir it in with the vinegar mixture before pouring it over the cucumbers.

To know if your pickle is salty enough, place one on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. They are not yet ready if you can still taste salt after 10 seconds. 

Pickles can go wrong if they aren’t properly stored, so ensure that your jars are fully submerged in the brine. After two weeks, pour off the liquid from the top of the jar into a small pot and bring it to a boil for about three minutes. Then pour it back into the jar and seal it tightly with its lid. 

How do you make pickles taste better?

The things that taste good on pickles are vinegar, spicy seasonings like pepper and mustard seed, and for more complex flavors, ingredients like garlic, onions, horseradish, and various herbs. Some cooks also use fruits or vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, or sweet peppers in their pickles.

The duration for homemade pickles in the fridge is about three months. But you can keep them up to a year by storing them in a cool basement, a root cellar, or a cold pantry with temperatures between 32°F and 40°F. Freezing your pickles is not recommended because the texture of these delicacies will be altered during the defrosting process.


Pickles taste salty and tangy, but adding sugar can help balance the flavors. If you love the taste of sour dill pickles but find they’re too salty, try adding some granulated sugar to help bring down the salt level. However, don’t make too many changes at once, or you’ll never know what’s causing the change in flavor.