Can You Eat Tootsie Rolls With Braces? (Solved!)

Tootsie Rolls with braces

Advancements in technology, affordability of orthodontic treatments, and the drive to enhance one’s appearance have made getting braces common amongst both children and adults. While braces give you perfect smiles and beautiful pearly whites, the long-drawn-out orthodontic treatment would surely test your endurance.

One of the primary struggles you will face is with eating food. You may be advised to avoid certain types of food. But what if you have a sweet tooth and like most Americans, Tootsie Roll is your favorite candy? Can you desist it for 12-24 months of your treatment period?

Let’s check if and how you can enjoy Tootsie Roll with braces.

What is Tootsie Roll made of?

Tootsie Roll is essentially a chocolate taffy. It has a mild flavor of cocoa and fruits. It is an iconic product in the USA and is sold in over 75 countries across the world.

So, what is Tootsie Roll made of? Here are its ingredients –

  • Sugar
  • Corn syrup
  • Whey
  • Soy
  • Palm oil
  • Condensed milk
  • Flavors
  • Artificial colors

Are Tootsie Rolls sticky or chewy?

Tootsie Roll is advertised as oblong, chewy chocolate candy. It has the texture of both caramel and candy. According to a study by the University of Michigan, you need over 400 licks to get to the core of a Tootsie Roll!

When Leo Hirshfield, the founder of Tootsie Roll, was experimenting with the recipe, his aim was to make a chocolate that would not melt easily due to heat. Therefore, Tootsie Roll does not melt in your mouth. It is slightly harder and chewier than regular chocolates.

Besides being chewy, Tootsie Roll is also known to stick to your teeth. In fact, it is rated as one of the stickiest candies. The sweet treat gets into the crevices of your teeth while you chew it – this makes it difficult for the enzymes of the saliva to reach it to break it down.

So, conclusively – Tootsie Roll is both sticky and chewy.

Tootsie Rolls with braces

If you have braces, you are generally forbidden from eating foods like pizza crusts, hard rolls, bagels, candies, and gums. Unfortunately, Tootsie Roll falls on this list as well.

Tootsie Roll is a chewy and sticky candy. So, eating it with braces will result in the deposition of undigested candy on your teeth and braces. This will make cleaning of braces difficult. Further, frequent accumulation will cause damage to braces besides discoloration and decaying of the teeth.

Do Tootsie Rolls get stuck in braces?

Tootsie Roll is made of sugar and corn syrup, owing to which it gets a sticky texture. While you chew the candy, it gets stuck to your braces.

You may also end up pulling off your braces while eating them. Further, chewing hard on the candy can damage braces, the archwire, and the ligatures – leading to a splintering of rubber bands and brackets.

Therefore, completely avoid Tootsie Rolls when you have braces on your teeth – else, you will have to visit your orthodontist every now and then to fix the braces – and not to forget the hole it is going to make in your pocket.

Tips to eat Tootsie Rolls with braces

Is giving up Tootsie Rolls absolutely during the entire duration of your orthodontic treatment challenging for you? This could more be the case with children who have got braces. Keeping children and candies apart for a long duration could be quite an arduous task.

So, how can you enjoy your candy while protecting your braces and teeth at the same time? We have drafted these tips for you.

Tip 1: Lick the candy

The problem of the candy sticking to the teeth and braces mainly arises from chewing the candy. Hence, when you have braces, lick the candy without chomping it at all. When you come to the core of the candy, you may spit it off.

Tip 2: Powder the frozen Tootsie roll

Put the Tootsie Roll in the freezer for long enough to make it brittle. Then, powder it using a meat tenderizer or a food processor. You can use the powder to make smoothies and juices and get to enjoy the flavor of your favorite candy.

In both these cases, clean your teeth and braces well with the orthodontic toothbrush to ensure there is no residue of the candy.

How do you clean braces if Tootsie Rolls are stuck?

While you are trying to enjoy your favorite Tootsie Roll with braces, there are lot many chances – despite precautions – that it gets stuck to the braces. Here are a few ways you can do the cleaning if this happens.

  • Brush up your braces and teeth with the orthodontic toothbrush.
  • Use dental floss or thread to shove out the candy pieces.
  • Gargle with plain water, mouthwash, or salt water.
  • Use a toothpick to remove the candy residue.