Can You Put Wooden Skewers in an Air Fryer?

Wooden Skewers

Do you love using your air fryer for cooking food quickly? But are you concerned that wood in the air fryer could cause a fire? Do you wonder if it has good or bad results of using them? Let us find out in this article.

Can you put wooden kebab sticks in the air fryer?

An air fryer works by combining hot air and convection for cooking food. It is typically marketed as a healthier alternative to deep frying because it uses less oil than other cooking methods.

Wooden kebab sticks are not recommended in the air fryer for several reasons. 

  • First, the oils and fats used to coat kebabs will be left behind when removed from the oven or grill, creating a mess that could result in a fire if not properly cleaned up after use
  • Second, moisture builds up quickly around meats on skewers while cooking inside an air fryer; this moisture could eventually lead to a soggy end product.

Can you use bamboo skewers in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use bamboo skewers in an air fryer. Just make sure to soak them in water for 30 minutes before cooking. It will help prevent them from burning. When cooking, keep an eye on the skewers and turn them frequently to ensure even cooking. Remove from the air fryer when they are cooked through.

Can I use wooden skewers in an air fryer?

It is not recommended to put wooden skewers into an air fryer. The prolonged exposure to high heat levels will cause the skewer to overcook and burn the food they are using. It may cause unsafe consumption of food as well as lead to a decrease in flavor quality. 

Investing in silicone or metal skewers for use within your air fryer is advised for optimal cooking results and safe food consumption.

Which wooden skewers go in the air fryer?

There are two types of wooden skewers: those made from hardwood and those made from softwood. 

  • Softwood skewers should not be used in the air fryer, as they will combust and catch fire. 
  • Hardwood skewers can be helpful but avoid potential wood splitting and cracking problems. 

They should only be placed towards the top of the air fryer where the food isn’t so close to the heat source.

Can you cook wooden skewers in an air fryer?

For safety reasons, the high temperatures of an air fryer cannot cook food that isn’t contained within a container, such as metal pans or baking sheets. 

It’s best to purchase specific materials for your air fryer to avoid damaging your machine and ensure the best possible results from your meal.

How to put wooden skewers in an air fryer?

It would help if you considered a few things before using wooden skewers in your air fryer. 

  • For the skewers to get cooked well and thoroughly, they must be laid flat without being piled on each other. 
  • If you pile them up, there is a risk that the one on the bottom will not get properly cooked and may even catch fire! 
  • Be sure to leave enough space between the skewers so air can circulate freely. 
  • The best way to do this is by laying them out horizontally with some room between each skewer so that they don’t touch or overlap. 
  • It’s also essential to remember that different types of wood have other cooking times. 
  • Hickory has a high cooking temperature and would cook faster than cedar, which has a lower temperature. 

It is recommended that you follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of your air fryer as to how long it should take for food to cook inside their machine.

Is there any harm in putting wooden skewers into an air fryer?

Wooden skewers are not typically used in the air fryer because they will burn. The harm wooden can cause is that it would catch on fire and emit a strong smell that could be off-putting for some people. There are alternatives like metal, plastic, or bamboo skewers that do not have these effects.


The final answer is that it depends. There are two types of skewers, both made of wood, but one will put you at risk of a fire hazard or worse! Both work for food on the grill or cook hot dogs and hamburgers on the stovetop. But the square skewers with four sides that meet into a point and have holes drilled through them can be used safely in an air fryer, as long as they are no wider than your mesh basket will allow. As long as these don’t protrude from the center and flush against your air fryer’s mesh sides, they should be safe to use!