Just how many calories does a Cheeseburger hold! Don’t Read This, unless you want to ruin your day

Burn these cals

Do you know how many calories you burn with a bout of running, planking or jogging? 

A 50 minute jog ay 5 miles per hour burns 500 calories

A 30 minute run at 8 miles per hour burns the same amount of cals

Planking is good, right? Yeah, it burns like 2-5 calories each minute. 

What does this mean? Well, to burn one cheeseburger, 

You need to jog for 90 minutes, or

Run for an hour, or

Plank for 3 hours (easy peasy!)

Ouch! So, planning to drop cheeseburger from your menu?

How about Mac ‘N Cheese pizza for dinner, then? Check out how many calories this one’s got!

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