Are Gin Gins Safe During Pregnancy?

Gin Gin By The Ginger People

Gin Gins are chewy, delicious ginger candies that are extremely popular as a snack among children and adults alike. But are they safe to consume during pregnancy as well? The short answer is yes! The long answer is they can be beneficial to pregnant women as well.

What are the ingredients of Gin Gins?

Gin Gins are made with cane sugar, ginger, and tapioca starch. Gin Gins contain about 10% of ginger which provides them their distinct but delicious flavor. They do not contain any allergens themselves but they are produced in a facility where soy products and peanuts are also processed. 

What is the white stuff on Gin Gins?

The odd-looking white powder on Gin Gins is finely powdered cane sugar. The company dusts the candies with powdered cane sugar to reduce stickiness and improve their overall taste. Cane sugar is a harmless sweetener that does not cause any adverse effects unless taken in large quantities.

Are Gin Gins good for nausea?

Gin Gins contain a large amount of ginger which is a natural anti-nausea agent. Gin Gins are good against all kinds of nausea. People who experience motion sickness and bloating during travels can also use Gin Gins as an inexpensive alternative to anti-nausea medications. 

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Are Gin Gins good for morning sickness?

Morning sickness is an unsavory part of pregnancy. Pregnant women often report a constant feeling of nausea during the first few pregnancy months.

Ginger has been proven to be effective against nausea and vomiting as it aids in digestion and saliva flow. Since Gin Gins contain a large amount of ginger, they are also a popular home remedy for morning sickness. Gin Gins do not contain any harmful chemicals and are made with simple ingredients that do not have any adverse effects on pregnant women.

Are Gin Gins good for heartburn?

Ginger has a lot of natural anti-inflammatory properties that are great for people suffering from heartburn. The antioxidants and phenolic compounds present in ginger can greatly reduce the burning sensation of heartburn.

Gin Gins are a tasty alternative to the actual root and are easier to carry as well. But they must be consumed in moderation, otherwise, Gin Gins can worsen heartburn in patients. 

Are Gin Gins good for acid reflux?

Gin Gins can be an effective remedy against acid reflux. Ginger contains a lot of compounds that help to reduce gastrointestinal irritation. It can also significantly reduce the chances of acid flowing in the esophagus. 

Moderation, however, is key. Eating too many Gin Gins can be counterproductive as Gin Gins contain a lot of sugar that may worsen the symptoms of acid reflux. Two or three candies should do the job.

Is ginger safe during pregnancy?

Ginger is safe during pregnancy but in moderate amounts. Ginger is a wonderful remedy against nausea and is shown to reduce morning sickness in pregnant women.

However, large doses, such as 0.18 ounces a day, can cause various side effects. Ginger can induce indigestion when taken in large quantities, and can also cause irritation in the mouth, and can even cause a miscarriage. 

Ginger can also cause rashes on the skin if exposed in large quantities. 

How many Gin Gins can I eat when pregnant?

Don’t eat an entire packet of Gin Gins every day! That’s the limit. Gin Gins are a tasty snack but eating them in massive quantities will not be good in the long run. A handful of candies every other day is fine. Gin Gins contain a large amount of sugar that may cause irritation in the stomach and increase acne. 

Are Gin Gins vegan?

Gin Gins are vegan, gluten free and non-GMO. They are also made from natural ingredients and don’t contain any artificial flavor or pigments. Gin Gins get their chewy texture from tapioca starch and not from any animal-based product.

Gin Gins are also made from sustainably farmed ginger and contain local ingredients.

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Are Gin Gins candied ginger?

Gin Gins are not solid ginger. They have a tapioca starch base which gives them their characteristic chewy texture. Tapioca is a popular ingredient in many candies and other food items and does not cause any side effects.

Are Gin Gins good for the throat?

Ginger is an age-old remedy for throat problems. Ginger tea is a popular herbal method to treat a sore throat. Gin Gins can reduce the symptoms of an inflamed throat and can reduce throat pain during a cold. 

Are Gin Gins good for weight loss?

Studies have shown that ginger is good for people with diabetes and obesity. It can enhance metabolism and reduce feelings of hunger. However, Gin Gins, like candy, contain a lot of sugar that may hinder weight loss attempts. The normal serving size of Gin Gins (two pieces) contains 45 calories and consuming larger amounts than that can lead to weight gain.

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