Can You Eat Expired Godiva Chocolates?

Godiva chocolates

Chocolates generally taste the yummiest before their “best before” date, and they do go bad over time. If you have left a pack unopened, chocolates could last many months past their best before date. The rule of thumb here is one year from the date of manufacture.

It may be okay to consume Godiva chocolates past their best before date if they are stored properly. However, sometimes you may notice a white coating on top – these chocolates are said to have “bloomed” and you will notice that the taste is a bit off in this case.

It’s a good idea to not consume anything past their best before date since there is no guarantee for product quality.

How long do Go Godiva Chocolates last?

How long Godiva chocolates last depends on how you store them. Keeping your chocolates refrigerated would help them stay fresh longer. However, if you keep them at room temperature, the chocolate may start losing its freshness.

Do Godiva Chocolates go bad?

Yes, like all consumable food items, Godiva chocolates also go bad eventually. This is despite the fact that Godiva has a longer shelf life than many other chocolates in the market.

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How do you store Godiva Chocolates?

The ideal temperature to store Godiva chocolates is 65 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 18 Celsius). You must store these chocolates away from sunlight, air, and heat.

It may generally be a bad idea to store chocolates in the refrigerator as it can cause condensation, and can eventually ruin the texture of your Godiva chocolate. It is also advisable to use an airtight container for storing it.

Your Godiva chocolate may become gooey or soft if it is left in humid and warm conditions for long. The butter in the chocolate bar might seep out if it is refrigerated for a prolonged period of time.

Can you refrigerate Godiva Chocolates?

As mentioned earlier in this article, refrigerating Godiva chocolates, or any chocolate for that matter is not really necessary. It alters the texture of the product and brings down the experience. It is adequate to store your chocolates in a cool, dry place – something like a cabinet or an airtight container that does not see direct sunlight. 

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Can you freeze Godiva Chocolate?

While refrigerating or freezing is not a good idea generally, the truth is that freezing can extend the shelf life of your Godiva chocolates by as much as 50%. Make sure that you pack your chocolates in an airtight container or a Ziploc bag and then freeze them. This is ideal for long-term storage.

What happens if you eat expired Godiva Chocolate?

If you notice a slight change in color or white deposits over your Godiva chocolate, do note that it may still be safe to eat them without risking food poisoning. Yet, eating expired foods might put you at risk of harmful bacteria in your body which may result in diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Expired chocolates may contain microbes that may make you sick. Also, the cocoa butter in the Godiva chocolate can become rancid and may start giving out an unpleasant smell. All of this may pose a health risk.