Can You Eat Pumpkin Seeds With Braces? (Solved!)

Pumpkin seeds on braces

A pumpkin seed, which is also known as Pepita in North America, is the seeds of a pumpkin that is edible on its own. You will find these seeds generally appearing in flat and asymmetrically oval shapes.

Pumpkin seeds have a white outer husk which on removal will reveal an inner light green color. These seeds are a common ingredient in Mexican cuisine, and they are majorly roasted and served as a popular snack. They are rich in calories and nutrients with high content of fat, protein, dietary fiber, and micronutrients.

Most commonly, people refer to pumpkin seeds as the roasted end product served as snacks, but it could sometimes also refer to the shelled kernel or the unpeeled whole seed. Dried, roasted pumpkin seeds contain 2% water, 49% fats, 15% carbohydrates, and 30% protein.

Are pumpkin seeds sticky or chewy?

Pumpkin seeds are sticky when you first extract them from the body of the pumpkin. Because the inner membrane of the pumpkin, which houses the seeds within, is also very slimy in nature. So extracting the seeds from the pumpkin itself is definitely going to be a very messy business.

But you can easily solve that problem after you are done extracting it from the pumpkin. Just wash the collected seeds in a bowl and stir them around while washing them. A thorough rinse once or twice will completely remove the stickiness of the seeds.

An uneven roasting of the seeds may leave the roasted seeds chewy on the outside and tender on the inside. So it’s absolutely necessary to make sure you cook the seeds evenly if you are aiming for the perfect crispy snack to feed on.

How big are pumpkin seeds?

On average, the length, width, and thickness of pumpkin seeds may measure up to 16-91 mm, 8-67 mm, and 3-00 mm respectively. Plus the unit mass of the seed came out at around 0.203 g. Correspondingly, the kernel had its length, width, and thickness measure up to around 14-62mm, 6-89mm, and 2-50mm respectively.

Can you eat pumpkin seeds with braces?

Eating nuts and seeds, including pumpkin seeds is generally not recommended by orthodontists for people wearing braces. So you should not ideally consume pumpkin seeds while your teeth are undergoing braces treatment. That’s because the small size and the hard nature of these seeds can put stress on the archwires, ligatures, bands, and brackets. The seed might get stuck in between the ligatures and can cause you pain and discomfort. Additionally, it can also reverse the work being done on straightening the teeth.

Can pumpkin seeds damage braces?

Yes. It can. Some types of food items are not recommended while on braces. And pumpkin seeds have made it to this list. The crunchy and hard seeds can interfere with your appliances and might break the wires, brackets, and bands. These can sometimes also stick to the tooth behind the braces, which might then become difficult to remove. This not only slows down your treatment but also causes a swallowing problem for you.

Tips to eat pumpkin seeds with braces

If you are choosing to eat pumpkin seeds anyway, you need to make sure that you follow the guidelines laid by your orthodontist. In most cases, they will strictly recommend you against consuming these seeds while on braces. But if you absolutely can’t resist eating them, then you can follow these tips that might save the day for you:

  • Consider using a mixer to beat pumpkin seeds into finer pieces that are suitable for consumption while wearing braces.
  • Rinse your mouth and brush your teeth afterward
  • Use flosser. This tool can remove bits of food that are hard to reach by brush or hand alone.
  • Use a soft toothbrush specially designed for braces.

How to clean braces if pumpkin seeds are stuck in it

The first step towards keeping your braced teeth clean starts with choosing the most suitable toothbrush. Brushing your teeth after each meal is a must, and flossing your teeth with thread can help eliminate the food particles that might remain hidden from view.

All these are the typical steps involved in daily cleaning and caring for your teeth. But if we are specifically talking about the specific case caused by pumpkin seeds, the most convenient option would be to swish water around in your mouth immediately after. And the safest option would be a thorough and gentle brush over your teeth. Another option on the list is using a Waterpik water flosser. It cleanses your teeth with a jet spray of water, and it is easy to use as well.