Is Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Bad For You? Complete Guide

Popeyes chicken sandwich

In August 2019, Popeyes launched its highly-anticipated fried chicken sandwich and the world went gaga over it. The sandwich is made of a crisp, fried chicken fillet, topped with barrel-cured pickles, and mayo or spicy Cajun sauce, all nestled on a brioche bun.

There are two versions of the Popeyes chicken sandwich – classic and spicy. Interested to know more about this world-famous sandwich? Well, you have come to the right place. 

Why is Popeyes chicken sandwich so popular?

A good question to start with. 

Well, the secret lies in the carefully selected ingredients of the Popeyes chicken sandwich. First of all, the bun used is a buttery brioche bun which adds a slightly sweet flavor to the sandwich, while making it melt in the mouth. 

The chicken cutlet placed within the bun is larger than the competitors of Popeyes and is juicier and crispier as well. Moreover, the mayo or Cajun sauce beautifully complements the chicken’s taste without being overpowering. The amount of mayo or sauce is just right, not too much as to make the sandwich moist and soggy.

Popeyes also use three, thick pickles in its sandwiches which leads to the consumers reviewing that the pickles are thick enough to taste their crunchiness. 

Apart from all these little things that Popeyes does to go the extra mile in crafting the perfect fried chicken sandwich, it also uses various secret spices and seasonings in cooking the chicken breast and preparing the mayo.

Is Popeyes chicken sandwich made with real chicken?

Yes. Popeyes chicken sandwich is made with real chicken. It contains one savory fried chicken fillet nestled cozily in a toasted buttery brioche bun. The chicken piece is super crispy and crunchy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside, and loaded with delicious spices. 

What does Popeyes chicken sandwich have on it?

As hinted earlier, Popeyes chicken sandwich contains very few ingredients. But these select ingredients are juicy, fresh, large in size, appetizing, and perfectly go with each other to create an appetizing dish. 

Popeyes chicken sandwich is made of a fried chicken breast within a buttery brioche bun. The only two toppings added to this sandwich are salty, crunchy pickles and spicy mayo or Cajun sauce.  

How many calories are there in a Popeyes chicken sandwich? 

One Popeyes chicken sandwich contains a whopping 699 calories! As the chicken piece used in this sandwich is marinated in seasonings, hand-battered and breaded in a buttermilk coating, and then deep-fried, the chicken fillet itself is loaded with many calories. 

You add in the buttered-up brioche bun and the high-calorie mayo, and voila, it turns into a 700 calorie dish! So, it’s probably best to have this sandwich once or twice a month, if you do not want to gain a lot of weight. 

How many carbs are there in a Popeyes chicken sandwich? 

One Popeyes chicken sandwich contains 50 grams of carbs.

How much protein is in a Popeyes chicken sandwich? 

One Popeyes chicken sandwich contains 28 grams of protein.  

How much fat is in a Popeyes chicken sandwich?

One Popeyes chicken sandwich contains 42 grams of fat.

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have sauce?

Yes. Popeyes allows its customers to choose the dressing. You can either select spicy mayo or the Cajun sauce on your Popeyes chicken sandwich. If you select the latter, then you have the spicy, flavorful Cajun sauce in your mouth-watering sandwich from Popeyes.  

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have mayo?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, you can choose the spicy, creamy mayo option for your sandwich as well. Popeyes specially crafts the mayo by adding a secret list of delectable spices. 

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have dairy?

Yes. The chicken cutlet in the Popeyes chicken sandwich is battered in a buttermilk mixture before being deep-fried in the oil. As buttermilk is a fermented dairy product, the Popeyes chicken sandwich contains dairy.

However, if you are concerned about eating the chicken sandwich because you have lactose intolerance, well then rest assured that buttermilk is lower in lactose than your regular milk. So, lactose-intolerant people can safely munch on a Popeyes chicken sandwich.  

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have cheese?

No, Popeyes chicken sandwiches do not contain cheese. The only toppings in this sandwich are spicy mayo or Cajun sauce and a few salty, crunchy barrel-cured pickles. 

Can you add cheese to Popeyes chicken sandwich?

Yes. If you are trying to recreate the iconic Popeyes fried chicken sandwich at your home, you can totally add one (or maybe two) slice(s) of cheese to the sandwich. Cheese makes everything better, right? So, you can go ahead and add this to your sandwich.

Some websites recommend adding a slice of cheese under the crispy fried chicken fillet, and another slice on top of all the other toppings.

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have pickles?

Yes. Popeyes generously adds pickles to its chicken sandwiches, thus going the extra step compared to its rivals.

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have lettuce?

Nope! The only green element in Popeyes chicken sandwich is the pickle(s). You won’t find any iceberg lettuce there.

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have MSG?

A controversial question indeed! Well, many websites assert that Popeyes chicken sandwich contains the magical flavor enhancer MSG! Popeyes claims on its website that it is attempting to go MSG-free by the end of 2022. 

As things stand, we can assume that the Popeyes chicken sandwich still contains MSG which wonderfully enhances the flavor of this world-famous sandwich. But soon we can expect the sandwich to be free of MSG. Popeyes has reassured its loyal customers that the absence of MSG wouldn’t hamper the taste of the sandwich in any manner. 

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have eggs?

Nowhere is it explicitly stated whether a Popeyes chicken sandwich contains eggs or not. However, since it has a hand-breaded, battered, and deep-fried chicken fillet, it is most likely dipped in an egg and flour mixture before being thrown into the boiling oil. 

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have peanuts?

Yes, according to some sources, the classic Popeyes chicken sandwich contains peanuts. As peanuts act as allergens to some people, they should avoid this sandwich.  

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have skin?

Yes, the crispy chicken fillet in Popeyes chicken sandwich comes with the skin. It is the chicken skin that adds extra crunchiness to the fried cutlet. Plus, if you have ever eaten a fried chicken with skin, you know it tastes heavenly delicious!

Does Popeyes chicken sandwich have bones in it?

No! The Popeyes chicken sandwich is made of a solid chicken breast piece and is completely boneless. The deep-fried crispy, savory, chicken fillet in the sandwich tastes very similar to the fried chicken pieces of Popeyes; the only difference being that the former doesn’t contain any bones.

You can indulge in the mouthwatering sandwich without having to worry about biting into a chicken bone.

Is Popeyes chicken sandwich healthy or unhealthy?

Well, a fried chicken sandwich loaded with high-fat mayo and fitted in a buttery bun isn’t exactly a healthy food option.

The Popeyes chicken sandwich contains a whopping 42 grams of fat, which includes the most harmful, artery-clogging trans-fat. Trans-fat not only increases bad cholesterol but also lowers good cholesterol, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease or failure. 

Moreover, one Popeyes chicken sandwich contains 1443 mg of sodium. The American Heart Association recommends an ideal daily limit of 1500 mg of sodium intake by an adult. So, without any sides, only one Popeyes fried chicken sandwich accounts for your daily sodium intake.

Considering all these points, one can say that Popeyes chicken sandwich is pretty unhealthy. While it is okay to be eaten once or twice a month, it should not be consumed weekly. 

Is Popeyes chicken sandwich spicy?

As mentioned earlier in the article, there are two versions of the Popeyes chicken sandwich – classic and spicy. The classic version is made with a creamy mayo that is pretty mild. The spicy one contains a slightly hot mayo or Cajun sauce which doesn’t exactly make the sandwich a very spicy one. But it definitely gives a warm sensation in the mouth. 

So, the answer would be yes; one variety i.e., the spicy Popeyes chicken sandwich is spicy.  

Is Popeyes chicken sandwich halal?

Yes. As recently as 2021, Popeyes has asserted that it is Halal-certified. So, we can assume that the chicken in the Popeyes chicken sandwich is halal. 

Can you freeze Popeyes chicken sandwich? 

Yes, you may go ahead and save any leftover of your Popeyes chicken sandwich in the refrigerator. Freeze them till you need them. Then take ‘em out, reheat, and enjoy!

Can you microwave Popeyes chicken sandwich bag? 

Well, it is advised to not microwave the Popeyes chicken sandwich within its bag. It is recommended to microwave or reheat a Popeyes chicken sandwich by first separating all the parts. Toast the buttery brioche bun. Put the chicken filet in the oven or the microwave, and do keep in mind to flip it over midway. 

Finally, reassemble all the parts of the sandwich and put them in the bag it had originally come in. Let it sit for 10-12 minutes for the heat levels to even out. Now all the parts are evenly warm, and you can heartily enjoy the reheated sandwich. 

Can you microwave Popeyes chicken sandwich?

Yes. It is recommended to reheat the fried chicken filet in the oven at 350 F for 2-3 minutes. But you can also pop it in the microwave for 1:30 minutes in High mode. Just don’t forget to flip the cutlet midway. 

Can dogs eat Popeyes chicken sandwiches?

Dogs can eat Popeyes chicken sandwiches, but it is not really recommended. The sandwich contains a deep-fried chicken cutlet which is extremely high in fat and sodium. Neither of these is good for your dog. 

If you absolutely want to share some of your Popeyes chicken sandwich with your pet dog, then tear off the fried crust of the chicken piece, take out some of the solid chicken flesh from inside and give it to your dog. That way you won’t harm your dog’s health, but give him some protein.  

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Can you eat a Popeyes chicken sandwich with braces?

While the bread is soft enough to be eaten by a person with braces, the hard, crusty fried chicken inside the sandwich is not recommended for someone with braces. It is wiser to replace fried chicken with some tender meat like baked chicken, ham, or soft turkey.

If you still crave a Popeyes chicken sandwich and sadly you are wearing braces, make sure to cut the sandwich into smaller chewable pieces.